Arisen Force: Vonimir: This Fantasy RPG Barely Needs Any Money [VIDEO]

Youyuan’s game requires crowdfunding, but compared to Hogs of War: Lardcore, for example, the studio is looking to raise incredibly little money.


So this fantasy action RPG has a Kickstarter campaign where the team is looking to raise around $15,000, which is a small fraction of the budget for a AAA game. It is true that the game has a Chinese style, as it has a side-view sprite-based style, and we have seen this kind of thing from Chinese developers (e.g. SoftStar) in the 1990s and 2000s, so it is a classic direction.

Here’s an overview of the game: “Arisen Force: Vonimir is a high-definition action-RPG. It combines a compelling RPG adventure storyline with a stylish action-based combat experience. We have created a magnificent Middle-Earth world for players to explore and adventure in, recruit teammates, collect and develop businesses, challenge enemies, reveal the secrets of the world, guide the future, and forge their own legend.

A magnificent fantasy world for players to explore, develop, and experience. Exquisite high-definition pixel style and ingenuity, hand-painted. Experience a painterly game art style. From remote villages to magnificent castles, and from desolate deserts to silvery ice sheets, enjoy vast and distinctive landscapes. Interact with all powers in a chaotic world and write your own epic chapter. Smooth action-strategy combat with rich skill modules. Instantly switch between teammates at any time, challenge the world boss – the ultimate path will always be left to the warriors. More than eight types of unique weapon modules, with more to come.

A free building system of weapons and skills. Become a mage wielding a giant sword or a hunter tanking the enemy. Rescue and recruit teammates and equip them with unique equipment and skills for your exclusive forces. In addition to adventuring, there are taverns, blacksmithing, trading, and other activities that become available as you travel. Based on the world view, linked characters make the journey more interesting and full of surprises.

Arisen Force: Vonimir is scheduled for release on PC in the last quarter of 2024, one year from now, on Steam, where a demo is currently available. The console version will follow: it will arrive in 2025 as a cross-gen title for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu

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