[TGA 2023] Hideo Kojima Reveals His Mysterious New Project – Here’s Everything We Know! [VIDEO]

What exactly will Hideo Kojima’s master project be? A game, a movie and something brand new…



Hideo Kojima reappeared at The Game Awards 2023 to unveil the trailer for his latest oddity, OD.

It’s a bizarre first trailer, of course, and it mostly features some familiar heads talking and screaming from the screen. But the footage itself revealed little about what exactly OD is.

Kojima took to the stage to reveal that he is working with Xbox Game Studios on the project but that it will be much more than a game. In fact, he says it’s something that “no one has seen before”. “It is a game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s at the same time a movie and at the same time a new form of media.”

The floating heads that appear in the footage include Sophia Lillis (It, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), Hunter Schafer (Euphoria) and Udo Kier (Hunters, Swan Song).

Just as audiences were starting to catch up with OD, Nope and Get Out director Jordan Peele took to the stage to express his love for Metal Gear Solid 2 while revealing that he is also working with Kojima on OD.

“He’s been an inspiration to me, and the opportunity to collaborate with him is truly incredible,” Peele said. “In my films, I’m always trying to maximize the immersion, put the audience into the main character’s shoes. Hideo is the master of this and he does it on a whole other level. What he’s cooking up here is completely immersive, utterly terrifying, and I am absolutely honored to be collaborating with the GOAT. Let’s go.”

Kojima did not share the extent of Peele’s involvement in OD. However, he did hint at several big names whose identities he has yet to reveal:

“What I can say right now, is it’s not just Jordan. I have other creative partners with me on board on this project. I can’t really say who they are right now, but, I tell you, they are the legends and they are amazing.”

After today’s unveiling at The Game Awards, it’s even more apparent that Master Kojima is once again on the verge of something revolutionary. The only question is whether or not the gaming community is ready for it…

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