More Than 2 Minutes Of Hideo Kojima’s Upcoming Horror Game Overdose Leaked Online [VIDEO]

Although it has not been officially revealed what Kojima Hideo is currently working on, we do know that he is working on something with Microsoft, and there have been rumours of a Death Stranding sequel for some time. There have also been leaks about a horror game called Overdose, which now seem more plausible than ever.


Back in the summer, leaker Tom Henderson wrote about Oversode, which he claims to have seen a video of. At the time, he wrote that the footage showed a virtual version of Margaret Qualley, playing the main character, running up and down a corridor in a blue dress, holding a torch, with a jumpscare at the end and a game over screen saying that it was Kojima Hideo’s game. And yesterday he shared some pictures of this particular video.

Well, today Henderson has put an article on his website that actually has the video and it shows exactly what he reported in June. It has to be said, though, that the quality of the footage is pretty shoddy. The two-minute footage is probably of a test, as you can see the words “camera player 1” in the top left corner and the face of a woman in the bottom left corner, who is apparently controlling the game. This is a recording of a recording, even a half-naked figure is reflected in one of the many displays as she takes the video with her phone, but it still looks like the real thing. We can’t embed the video here, so if you want to watch it, you can find it on Insider Gaming. But of course, it’s easy to imagine that Kojima Productions will push Henderson to remove it sooner or later.

Kojima, by the way, has been dropping scraps of information about a game with maddening slowness for a while now, and so far all he’s revealed is that Shioli Kutsuna and Elle Fanning will be in it. It could easily be Overdose.

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