Alan Wake 2: Update 1.0.13 Has Arrived, With Lots Of Useful New Features!

The latest update for Alan Wake 2 brings the long-requested New Game Plus mode to the game, among many other improvements.



Remedy Entertainment has released Alan Wake 2 update 1.0.13, which adds New Game Plus and a new Final Draft ending to the game. The critically acclaimed Alan Wake sequel has eight nominations at the 2023 Game Awards, tied with Game of the Year winner Baldur’s Gate 3. Although it didn’t take home the top prize, Remedy Entertainment and AW2 walked away with three wins: Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, and Best Gameplay.

With Alan Wake 2 taking the series in a more survival-horror direction, many players were eager for a New Game Plus mode after the game was released in late October without it.

It was at The Game Awards last week, where AW2 director Kyle Rowley was quick to blurt out in his acceptance speech for Best Gameplay that New Game Plus is indeed coming to the game on December 11th. Also, “The Final Draft” will include new story elements.

A few days later, on December 11th, Remedy Entertainment has officially released Alan Wake 2 Update 1.0.13! This includes the promised New Game Plus mode. Also, the new Final Draft ending. Players must have a completed AW2 save file to access the New Game Plus game mode. And the players’ weapons and abilities are kept. It is stored in the first shoebox storage crates that Alan and Saga encounter and can retrieve. Also, all weapon upgrades are retained. But it’s unclear if Alan Wake’s Words of Power updates will also be saved in New Game Plus.

This 1.0.13 update also brings a new Nightmare difficulty level to Alan Wake 2, which makes sense given that players can build up their arsenal of weapons and upgrades to match the increased difficulty during subsequent New Game Plus runs.

The update also includes improvements to several aspects of AW2. These include performance improvements to PlayStation 5’s Quality Mode. Fixed a mouth sync issue that occurs when Saga Anderson and Alex Casey arrive at Lake Caludron early in the game. Several lighting fixes, as well as a laundry list of global fixes on all platforms. Remedy added that it is still working to resolve audio sync issues for Xbox Series X and S players. Also, that players can expect a fix in the next update in 2024.

You can view the official, complete list of fixes at the link below.


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