Hogwarts Legacy: The Long-Awaited Patch For Nintendo Switch Has Arrived!

Avalanche Software has released a new update for the open-world Harry Potter action RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, which is now available for download!



Avalanche Software has released a brand new update for Hogwarts Legacy, explicitly targeting the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Switch players had to wait quite a while to get their hands on the game, but the wait is finally over.

When Hogwarts Legacy finally arrived on Switch, it received mixed reactions. While many are happy with the way the game runs on the Switch, others are disappointed by the limitations of the Switch version.

In order for the massive Hogwarts Legacy to run on the Switch, the graphics had to be dumbed down, and a lot more loading screens had to be added, making the open-world experience that was impressive on other platforms much less impressive.

Still, there’s some appeal to being able to play Hogwarts Legacy on the go. That’s why many Switch owners picked up the game regardless. Those who bought it on Switch will be happy to know that Avalanche Software has released a recent update for the game that may improve its performance. The new Switch update fixes a massive list of issues plaguing the game. This way, once downloaded, fans have fewer bugs to worry about.

Bugs affecting characters and certain areas have been fixed with the latest Hogwarts Legacy Switch update. This means that specific bugs in areas such as the Highlands, Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmead, and others should no longer be a problem. The update does not include any new features. However, it seems pretty comprehensive regarding bug fixes, so fans will likely appreciate it.

This new Hogwarts Legacy Switch update is the first significant update the open-world Harry Potter action RPG had seen since July when a patch was released for PS5.

Before that, some updates were released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox in June. All game updates are designed to improve the game experience. But there are those who believe that the Hogwarts Legacy updates made the game worse in some ways. It will be interesting to see if Switch players discover the same or walk away satisfied with the update.

It’s unclear if there will be a further update for Switch or other platforms. Many have demanded that Avalanche Software add features to the game, such as the ability to change the seasons. However, it is unclear whether such a thing will be included in the game.

Source: Go Nintendo

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