PlayStation Plus: The Last 2023 Update For Extra And Premium Tier Subscribers

PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will have access to these games from December 19.


Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced on the PlayStation Blog what games will be added to the more expensive PlayStation Plus catalogues, but of course they still have the luxury of NOT saying when they’ll be taking what off their service. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers will get these games: GigaBash (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Grime (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Mega Man 11 (PlayStation 4), Metal: Hellsinger (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Moonscars (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), MotoGP 23 (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Prodeus (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Salt and Sacrifice (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Shadowrun Returns (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), and Tinykin (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4). Of course, all PlayStation 4 games can also be run on PlayStation 5 with backwards compatibility.

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will also get these in the Classics catalogue, where Sony is once again playing tricks with multiple ports of a game and two PS4 collections (the original platform is shown in brackets after the semicolon): Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4; PS1), Thrillville: Off the Rails (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4; PS2), Thrillville (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4; PSP), Mega Man Legacy Collection (PlayStation 4), Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PlayStation 4).

We always say it: since PS1, Sony has had a huge in-house catalogue of games that don’t really need to bother with licensing. These games could easily be brought to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. Instead, they continue to drip feed the list ridiculously slowly: right now there’s a PS1 game, a PS2 game, and a PSP version of the latter. This is ridiculous…

Source: Gematsu

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