Could Hogwarts Legacy Be The Most Successful Title Of 2023?! Warner Bros. Is Doing The Dance Of Joy

Hogwarts Legacy is also decisive for the future of Harry Potter, as more than 20 million copies have been sold since its release…



Although it was not nominated for any awards at the Game Awards, it was last year’s most successful video game. The president of Warner Bros. Games has released updated sales figures for Hogwarts Legacy. The game is claimed to have sold 22 million copies by the end of 2023! Predictions skyrocketed after the Harry Potter title took the gaming market by storm two weeks after its release.

However, the end result is even better than many could have imagined and serves to propel the game to the top of the industry’s “top sellers” list…


Hogwarts Legacy proved that Harry Potter has a great future in video games


In an interview with Variety, the president of Warner Bros. Games defended the game’s success in addition to its commercial appeal: “It’s not just the unit sold that I’m so proud of, it’s just that it delighted the fans so much (… ) It brought Harry Potter to life in a new way for gamers where they could be themselves in this world, in this story. And that’s what the team at Avalanche set out to do when they were developing the game and I think that’s really why it resonated so well and remains the best-selling game of the year in the entire industry worldwide. That’s a position that typically is held by one of these incumbents’ sequel games, and we’re so proud that we’ve been able to break into the top ranks,” he explained.

Of the 22 million copies sold, 12 million were reportedly sold in the game’s first two weeks and the last two weeks during the Christmas campaign.

Overall, it’s an impressive performance that, in the absence of updated data, would place the game among the top 50 best-selling games in history. The situation has incredible merit since Hogwarts Legacy, even with its ups and downs, is a game about the Harry Potter universe that fans of the saga have been waiting for for a long time. The franchise was somewhat mishandled by the industry until its introduction.

Warner Bros. Games continues to release new releases inspired by the universe of magic and sorcery. A new Quidditch-focused title has been confirmed to be in development. True, they do not yet know “how” and “when” it will appear. Also, that there will be “many other things” that have yet to be announced that will “allow fans to become a part of this world, its stories, and its characters in deeper and deeper ways.” For now, however, the company’s first stop will be the release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Source: Variety

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