Indiana Jones And The Great Circle: Who Came Up With The Concept? The Director Answers!

Jerk Gustafsson reveals who came up with the idea for the new Xbox-exclusive Indiana Jones story.


On the Lucasfilm website you can find a new interview with the director of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. In it, Gustafsson reveals a lot of interesting things, but it’s a bit unusual to read the new information on the website of Disney’s film division instead of, say, Bethesda’s site or, say, Xbox Wire. Anyway, it’s the stupidity of the mouse empire…

“We developed the story synopsis in-house at MachineGames in collaboration with Todd Howard, who had long nurtured the idea of making a story-based game about the mysterious Great Circle. A “Great Circle” is any circle that divides a sphere in half. On Earth, the most common one is obviously the equator. But they can actually exist from any point, and are widely used in aviation when plotting a course. It turns out that there is a very real and mysterious great circle that is not the equator, but one that connects many of history’s greatest historical sites such as Giza, Easter Island, Sukhothai, Nazca, and many more. Their connection has remained a mystery, and this provides the perfect adventure for our game.

Of course, we wanted to be true to the character of Indiana Jones, which is the most important thing for us, and be sure where his story is at this point in time, and be sure that this chapter fits into Indy’s story. When we come into the story, it’s almost a year after Raiders, and we wanted to explore where Indy would be at that point, having just separated from Marion, sort of lost again, adrift in his own obsessions with his work. We had a tremendous amount of help from the team at Lucasfilm Games on that, in addition to vetting the story with them for creative feedback to make sure we stayed true to the franchise,” Gustafsson said.

So it’s Todd Howard, and the game will be powered by the id Tech engine on Xbox consoles and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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