Moon Knight May Return To The MCU After All, But Not Exactly As You’d Expect…

MOVIE NEWS – The return of Moon Knight to the MCU will not happen when or how fans expect, if Marvel Studios’ plans for the character are confirmed.



Moon Knight fans have been longing since the character debuted in his own Disney Plus live-action series. Now, according to a new report, the character will be returning soon, but not in the way fans of the series expected.

The Moon Knight was a huge critical success and proved to be a commercial success as well, with the second biggest Disney Plus debut of the MCU, tied with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, just behind the numbers of Loki’s premiere.

Ever since the series ended, fans have been dying to see more of the dark, grim hero. Even more so when protagonist Oscar Isaac confirmed that the Moon Knight would return in another project within the MCU.

Now, a recent report from CanWeGetSomeToast via Instagram seeks to clarify the details of that claim. Rumour has it that Moon Knight will next appear in the MCU project Marvel Zombies. This Disney Plus popular What If…? will be a spin-off of his series. Since Marvel Zombies is not part of the mainstream MCU, it boasts a TV-MA rating. As such, it features the often violent and creepy Moon Knight at his best. Additionally, it has been reported that the version of the character in the series will not be the Marc Spector version played by Isaac in the successful miniseries. But it is Khonshu’s new fist that will be introduced in the upcoming series.

With the chances of a Moon Knight season 2 shot down by director Mohamed Diab, the character’s inclusion in Marvel Zombies is a much more welcome prospect than the chance of the largely disjointed and complex live-action version making it into the mainstream narrative of the MCU’s current Multiverse saga.

Or even into the strange world of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man films. They are rumoured to crossover with Daredevil and other related heroes in the future. While Project Zombies has a lot going on, the addition of the Moon Knight stands out from the crowd. The series was previously said to approach the concept differently than the “What if…?” episode that inspired it. In other words, viewers can only guess how the hero will appear in the upcoming project.

However, there is likely to be some dissatisfaction with the news. After all, the appeal of the live-action figure as one of the MCU’s most visually exciting projects is surpassed only by the love for Isaac’s excellent performance in the lead role. With the character joining an animation project featuring an ensemble cast of big, tough guys and a story straight out of the What If…? project, there is little chance that the same appeal will remain.

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