Will We Need A New Protagonist If There Is A New Dead Space?

There are pros and cons to having a new protagonist in a new Dead Space, should Electronic Arts decide to do so.


Dead Space 3 has an ambiguous ending, and one of the questions regarding the story is what the franchise will do with the current protagonist, Isaac Clarke.

Isaac and his partner John Carver seem to have sacrificed themselves to stop the Brethren Moons from activating the Convergence. Except there’s the Awakened DLC, which covers the actual end of the game, and here the two are alive. The duo makes one last attempt to save Earth, but Isaac and John realize they have failed.From their ship, they see two Brethren Moons devouring the planet for dessert.

The ending of Dead Space 3 is a narrative necessity, as it ended on a rather low note.Except that the fate of Isaac, John and Ellie is unclear, and we don’t know how much damage Earth suffered in the attack. We have the feeling that Electronic Arts left the door open for future events, so a fourth part might be possible, because the story is incomplete from this point of view. After the first (two) episode(s), Isaac’s story could have ended, but Dead Space 4 has to take care of the Brethren Moon storyline, which shows the state of Earth. The relationship with Ellie should also be brought to an end.

But Isaac has suffered a lot in the first three episodes, and whenever there’s a chance of happiness (like at the end of Dead Space 2), he loses it and is thrown into another brutal adventure. Therefore, if he were the protagonist, the formula would be tired by part 4, so it would be better to wrap up his story and let someone new take his place with his own demons. A new protagonist could breathe new life into the franchise, but Isaac should not be forgotten.

Source: GameRant

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