Why Does Griselda Blanco Sketch Landscapes with Her Cigarette?

MOVIE NEWS – In her portrayal of Griselda Blanco in Netflix’s series about Griselda Blanco, Sofía Vergara engages in a cigarette ritual, lending considerable depth to her character.


In Griselda, Griselda Blanco frequently outlines the landscape before her using her cigarette, a detail thoughtfully included in the Netflix hit for substantial reasons. To embody the notorious drug queenpin, actress Sofía Vergara underwent a complete transformation. Known mostly for her lengthy tenure as the humorous and cheerful Gloria in Modern Family, and her less intense roles in films like Hot Pursuit and Chef, Vergara became nearly unrecognizable within the brutally violent realm of narcotics depicted in this latest biographical drama.

The series presents a dramatized account of the life of Blanco, the merciless cocaine monarch who executed fierce violent campaigns to ascend to dominance in the Miami drug market. The role’s severity demanded not only physical transformations but also the adoption of specific behaviors and mannerisms to facilitate Vergara’s transition into Blanco. Beyond her chain-smoking appearance and eruptions of drug-induced rage, Vergara adopted the practice of air tracing with her cigarette, thereby vividly bringing her portrayal of Blanco to life.


Griselda Blanco holding a cigarette in the air in Griselda-1

The profound significance behind Griselda Blanco’s cigarette tracing: an explanation


Although there’s no definitive evidence that Blanco exhibited such behavior in reality, it’s plausible that the Griselda series incorporated her habit of tracing with a cigarette in the air to add depth to her character. The series repeatedly shows Griselda, especially in moments of solitude and calm, lifting her cigarette to the air and tracing the surroundings in deep contemplation. Griselda’s tracings often sketched out life’s significant figures or objects, including on one occasion her sons, and another, her home.

Likely, the series depicts this behavior as Blanco’s method of coping or a tactic for escape, which she used to find solace during the tumultuous or distressing times in her life. Despite being portrayed as a heartless drug lord, her character battles with profound fears and anxieties, mostly revolving around her family’s welfare and her quest for stability. Blanco’s extended tenure in drug trafficking intensified these emotions, and her act of air tracing and sketching out beloved items served to place her in a state of appreciation, or at the very least, remind her of life’s rewards.


Sofía Vergara as Griselda holding a cigarette forlornly in Griselda

Why Griselda performs her cigarette ritual at the end of the Netflix show


The drug lord’s cigarette ritual emerges once again at the climax of Griselda’s series finale. The conclusion sees Detective Hawkins, a key figure in her case, visiting Blanco in prison to notify her that her life of crime has resulted in the murder of her three children. Struck by the news and visibly distressed, Blanco immediately resorts to the ritual upon returning to her cell.

However, this time, rather than tracing something or someone of significance right in front of her, she outlines her sons as they exist in her memory. Shortly before her arrest, Blanco had taken her sons to the beach, where, in a moment of rare peace, she traced the outlines of her sons wrestling in the sand. By sketching them in her memory, she relived that moment, a technique that the Griselda series and Vergara effectively employed to demonstrate that Griselda was not only a ruthless murderer and drug monarch but also a character of complexity and depth.

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