Can We Expect A New Astro Bot Game Later This Year?

The rumor sounds interesting, because the official position of Sony Interactive Entertainment is different.


Earlier today, it was said that Sony has essentially written off the next fiscal year, as there will be no major first-party, in-house developed game from PlayStation Studios between April and March 2025. Now, however, we hear a rumor about Team Asobi that one of the known IPs already launched could get a sequel in 2024. It’s Team Asobi’s IP, Astro Bot, and that’s what Jeff Grubb, one of the editors of Giant Bomb, was talking about the other day.

“We already know that Rise of the Ronin is coming, we know that Concord, one of the Live Service games, is coming out this year. Those are the things that are definitely on the schedule. And then it’s like, there might be new game entries in franchises that already exist, they just might not be big in PlayStation’s eyes when they talk to investors. They said God of War, they said Spider-Man, those are the franchises that sell 15 million copies or more over their lifetime. I’ve heard that Astro might happen this year, so if that happens, that’s pretty big for me. I understand why Sony doesn’t think that’s a big one for us, at least not yet, hopefully they could make it a big one and then a lot of this changes around,” Grubb said.

In 2018, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission was released for PlayStation VR, which was also a free tech demo for the DualSense controller. In 2020, Astro’s Playroom arrived, but it was pre-installed on all PlayStation 5s. Tokyo-based Team Asobi became an independent studio in 2021 after Sony Interactive Entertainment shut down Japan Studio, a historic group within Sony. Later that year, a job advertisement from the studio surfaced saying they were working on a new 3D action game, and in 2022, the team announced that their biggest project yet was in the works.

So something’s coming…

Source: VGC

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