Blade Runner 2099: Director Revealed; Cameras Rolling Soon!

MOVIE NEWS – Jonathan van Tulleken directs the first two episodes of Prime Video’s Blade Runner 2099 series.



Prime Video is preparing to return to the Blade Runner universe: according to Deadline, the streaming platform wants to shoot the first episodes of Blade Runner 2099 in April. The upcoming TV series will take place in the universe’s future. The project’s events take place decades after what the audience saw in Blade Runner 2049. One of the most beloved sci-fi franchises of all time will return if the new series actually starts filming in the spring. No details have yet been revealed about what will happen in the upcoming Prime Video series.

Jeremy Podeswa, who is known for directing several episodes of Game of Thrones and a few episodes of Station Eleven, previously also directed the first two episodes of Blade Runner 2099.

However, due to timing problems, the director was forced to withdraw from the project. So Jonathan van Tulleken could sit in the director’s chair in the first episodes of Blade Runner 2099. Before heading into the Blade Runner universe, Jonathan van Tulleken directed two episodes of Shōgun for Hulu and FX.

Story details regarding the plot of the new Blade Runner are currently being kept under wraps. Prime Video doesn’t want to reveal much about the upcoming sequel. The most recent movie in the franchise was Blade Runner 2049, which followed K (Ryan Gosling) as he tried to learn as much information as possible about his past. The sequel, directed by Denis Villeneuve, also saw the return of Harrison Ford as Deckard Shaw. The actor first portrayed the character in the original film. The cast of Blade Runner 2099 has not yet been announced. However, the fact that the projects occur in different periods suggests that new characters will be added to the franchise.


Who is behind Blade Runner 2099?


Ridley Scott, who directed the first Blade Runner film in 1982, is attached to the project as an executive producer. In comparison, Silka Luisa works on it as writer, showrunner and executive producer. Michael Green, who co-wrote Villeneuve’s sequel, is also attached as an executive producer to the upcoming series. But he won’t be writing the episodes of the new story. Time will tell what new mysteries emerge from the Blade Runner universe. After a long development process, Prime Video’s TV series will launch this year.

Source: Deadline

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