Batman: Arkham Knight Gets New Nintendo Switch Patch – Have All Problems Been Fixed?!

The Switch port of Batman: Arkham Knight has received a new update, but there are still many complaints from players about the state of the game…



A huge update has just arrived for the Nintendo Switch port of Batman: Arkham Knight. However, players have reported that the game still has many issues. Like the original Windows release, the Switch port of Rocksteady Studios’ popular action-adventure game also suffers from several technical issues.

Released as part of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy bundle last December, the Switch version of Batman: Arkham Knight was branded by the community as one of the worst ports ever released for the handheld due to a combination of poor performance and gameplay-breaking bugs.

Developer Turn Me Up Games, which has worked on several decent and well-received Switch ports in the past, has tried to address the game’s issues with updates. But it seems that even the latest patch didn’t do enough to fix some of the game’s most serious problems.

The changelog for the latest update, 1.0.3 of Batman: Arkham Knight on Switch, has not yet been released. However, many people on Reddit reported that the game ran poorly even after applying the 16GB patch. It suffered from stuttering and frame drops. Some players have noted that the latest update to the Switch version of B:AK has at least improved the game’s graphics. The 2015 PC release suffered problems similar to those of the handheld port. The Switch-exclusive Batman: Arkham Trilogy was always expected to run into issues due to the system’s outdated hardware.

In addition to the unstable performance of the Switch version of Batman: Arkham Knight, it is said to still encounter freezes and crashes during certain parts of the game.

As a result of these issues, many achievements, especially those related to the main antagonist, the Riddler, are impossible to obtain. Some players on the Internet pointed this out. B:AK contains several hard-to-unlock achievements, including Riddle Me That, an achievement related to the Riddler. Less than 9% of players on Steam were able to get this.


The latest update for the Switch port of Batman: Arkham Knight


Turn Me Up Games, which previously handled the critically acclaimed Switch port of It Takes Two, did not respond to flagged Twitter posts reporting issues with the handheld Batman: Arkham Knight version after the 1.0.3 update.

Publisher Warner Bros. Games, for its part, advised affected players to file bug reports on its support page.

Like B:AK, Mortal Kombat 1, another title published by Warner Bros. Games, received a Switch version that came with a myriad of technical issues. However, critics acknowledged that the Switch port of Mortal Kombat 1 was a great fighting game despite its problems. Meanwhile, many of those playing Arkham Knight on Switch have concluded that the port will never work correctly due to its bugs.

Source: Reddit

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