Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Important Flaw Pointed Out By Square Enix

Ahead of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s release, Square Enix is reporting that two of the game’s discs were mislabeled during production in some markets…



Square Enix announced at the start of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s worldwide release that some copies of the game sold in Japan and Asia were mislabeled. This is because the Data Disc and Play Disc labelling was swapped during production. Square Enix released a statement on social media. He also provided instructions to affected FF7 Rebirth players on how to work around the issue.

Just as Final Fantasy VII Remake was initially released on two PS4 discs in 2020, physical copies of Rebirth are also available on two discs.

These discs are the Data Disc and the Play Disc. Both are used to install the game on PS5. Players should first use the Data Disc during installation and then switch to the Play Disc to complete the installation. After this process, you only need the Play Disc to start the game. Given that FF7 Rebirth requires over 145GB of storage space and that each PS5 disc can hold up to 100GB of data, it’s understandable that a physical copy of Square Enix’s latest entry required two discs.

Preloaded editions of FF7 Rebirth from the PlayStation Store do not require a physical disc. There are a few things to consider for users looking to purchase their own copy. According to Square Enix, the labels of the Play Disc and Data Disc were interchanged due to a manufacturing error. Square Enix stated on its website that Sony carried out the production. He said that the latter company had not yet commented on the situation at the time of writing the article.

While this problem is currently reported to have occurred in Japan and parts of Asia, it is not yet known whether Western markets have been affected by the problem – in any case, it will be worth paying attention here as well.

According to Square Enix, however, the contents of each disc remained intact. Ergo, gamers can simply apply the reverse logic: they can use the Play Disc to install the game and the Data Disc to play the game. The disc situation isn’t as divisive among Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fans as the yellow paint controversy. However, whether Sony or Square Enix will issue refunds to affected users or consider it a rare collector’s item is unknown.

Source: Square Enix

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