It Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet, But Amazon’s Fallout TV Series Could Get A Sequel?!

MOVIE NEWS – The producers of the Fallout TV series received a juicy tax break in exchange for filming season 2 in California…



Fallout is on the verge of being made into a television product. The partnership between Bethesda and Amazon will become a reality with the simultaneous release of all eight episodes of the first season of the Fallout TV series on April 11. However, the plan is much more ambitious than that. While they’re indeed being cautious and trying to wait and see how well the first episodes do, they’ve already confirmed that they’ve started planning a second season.


Prime Video wants Season 2 of Fallout TV series


The California government has given a $25 million loan to the creators of the Fallout TV series to film the second season. Prime Video does not directly receive this amount. But in the form of tax breaks in exchange for moving filming to that state.

An official document of the California Film Commission confirmed this information, stating that the projects were accepted on a “conditional basis.”

The information is very telling and speaks to the ambition surrounding the project. At the same time, it must be understood correctly: it does not confirm what will happen to the series, but what Amazon’s plans are. We know that the company plans to produce a second season. Also, that he wants to move to California after filming the first episodes in New York or Utah. If only to enjoy these tax benefits. Furthermore, it was revealed that he plans to spend around 150 million for the second season. However, all this falls by the wayside if the first episodes do not meet the expectations of the viewers or if any other problems arise.

In any case, this is a positive first news about the series’ future. The fact that Amazon is already considering a sequel suggests that they have faith in the project. Also, that they want to give it the green light quickly. The annual premieres of big series are already a thing of the past, so it doesn’t hurt to start work as soon as possible so that the deadlines can be determined in a reasonable way…


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