Is This The Lovechild Of Star Wars And Dead Space?! Meet Deathtroopers! [VIDEO]

Star Wars: Deathtroopers is a promising Dead Space-inspired survival horror that we can all try right now!



You could argue that zombies can improve everything a little bit. It’s sure to turn everything you know on its head. That’s precisely the case with this fan-made game based on the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Deathtroopers is not only the spiritual successor of Dead Space but something entirely new for the famous space fantasy universe.

There is no survival horror in the Star Wars canon, and that’s a shame. With the galaxy being so vast, one would expect there to be some pretty scary situations for players to find themselves in. So this problem is solved by this project, which is available on Star Wars: Deathtroopers essentially combines the Star Wars and Dead Space games.

Player feedback on this survival horror is generally favourable. After all, it’s an exciting twist on the sci-fi classic. What would you do if the stormtroopers turned into zombies? Suddenly, the most useless soldiers in the galaxy are transformed into a real threat.

If you watch the trailer below, you can spot the undead Darth Vader, which is particularly creepy, and frankly, we really like the project.

Players who have already tried the game are singing its praises. Saying things like “I love the concept” or “This game is REALLY dope”. This shows that there is plenty of potential for the franchise that fans would devour if given the chance. Whether Disney would allow a more mature game that focuses on an even darker side of the dark side is unlikely. But at least these fan projects are able to give us fans a new experience.

Even without zombies, a Dead Space-style game with creepy aliens and looming threats would be a good fit for the franchise. A lone smuggler or a young Jedi facing off against the lurking danger would be impressive. For now, we can live with the zombie stormtroopers, although the question is, if they have their helmets on, can they chew their way through them to get to our brains? Anyway, we should feel pretty safe, right?


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