Dead Space 2 Remake: Are They Developing It, Or Not…? [VIDEO]

According to Electronic Arts, Jeff Grubb’s Dead Space 2 Remake information has “no validity”.



Rumours are a common and inevitable part of the video game industry. There are many industry insiders with exclusive information, and Jeff Grubb is one of the best-known. Sometimes, they generate compelling rumours in the community when, in reality, they are entirely false. In this case, it will be about Electronic Arts and an as-yet-unannounced game, Dead Space 2 Remake.

A few hours ago, Jeff Grubb, on his regular show Giant Bomb, pointed out that Electronic Arts has started development on Dead Space 2 Remake.

“They were working on Dead Space 2 and they’re not working on it anymore because the first game had mediocre sales, that’s what they told me”. He claims a new version of the title was already in the works, but Motive’s plans quickly changed. “So if you’ve been looking forward to Dead Space 2, this is pretty bad news,” he says.

Yesterday, it was reported that EA said goodbye to Battlefield 2042 with good news, namely that another studio had joined the development of the next shooter in the series. This team we are talking about is Motive Studios. They are also the ones who made the Dead Space Remake. The team is currently supporting the creation of the next Battlefield. He is also developing EA’s Iron Man game. In response to the news that surfaced in the last few hours, the company denied the rumours about the Dead Space 2 Remake.


EA Denies Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors


IGN reached out to EA, and a company spokesperson said: “We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story.” As the company points out, it appears that Electronic Arts has not started development on the title. In fact, he hadn’t even considered it. If they ever decide to develop a DS2 Remake, it looks like the release could be quite a while since their studio is busy with other projects.

Source: YouTube, IGN

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