Ryan Gosling Could Star In The Martian Author’s New Book Adaptation?!

MOVIE NEWS – Ryan Gosling can put on an astronaut suit in the adaptation of one of the most acclaimed novels of recent years…



Beyond the big established franchises, it seems like sci-fi movies are starting to make their way into the mainstream. The genre recently made waves with the news about Mickey 17 with Robert Pattinson. Now there is a project that will begin shooting in the coming months and will be led by a big Hollywood star, Ryan Gosling: this is Project Hail Mary.


Ryan Gosling’s latest film is being made based on the novel by the author of The Martian


Project Hail Mary is actually the latest science fiction novel by Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, adapted by Ridley Scott. It tells a multi-award-winning story in which the main character, Ryland Grace, is the sole survivor of a mission millions of kilometres away. The latter, if it fails, takes all of humanity with it. Definitely not a stressful situation at all.

Brandon Sanderson called it the author’s best work, and of course, everyone speaks very highly of the book, which has won numerous awards.

So much so that Amazon & MGM Studios did not miss the opportunity to bring it to cinemas with a duo known from the Spider-Man animated films, where they were the producers: Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Not much is known about the project so far. A few weeks ago, it was said that the film could start shooting in June. With a 2026 release date, it wouldn’t be surprising if those plans were pushed back. True, there is no news about this. Be that as it may, as we mentioned at the beginning, it seems that sci-fi still has a lot in store for us on the big screen.

Ryan Gosling already played an astronaut in the 2018 film First Man, which tells the story of Neil Armstrong’s journey to become the first man on the moon. The film can be seen on AppleTV, Prime Video and SkyShowtime in Europe.

Source: Deadline, World of Reel

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