Electronic Arts Raises Prices – Is It Still Worth It To Subscribe To EA Play?!

The changes to EA Play will take effect in May and will affect all subscription types on Electronic Arts’ platform.



A surprising change is expected in the prices of EA Play, Electronic Arts’ subscription service. The latter provides access to titles such as Dead Space Remake and Wild Hearts, among others. Quite unexpectedly, the platform announced that the price of all its plans (monthly and yearly, both in the standard model and in EA Play Pro) will be increased. All of this makes a significant difference to players.

It is true that the price of most subscription types will increase by “only” a few euros, but the change is much more significant if we look at the annual EA Play Pro option.

This is the most expensive model, which gives you extra rewards and access to all skins from the publisher. The annual Pro subscription increases the price by around 20 euros. Here’s a rundown of how the numbers look after the decision:


  • EA Play (monthly): up from €3.99 to €5.99.
  • EA Play (annual): increases from €24.99 to €39.99.
  • EA Play Pro (monthly): up from €14.99 to €16.99.
  • EA Play Pro (annual): up from €99.99 to €119.99.


We know this thanks to Gamesindustry, which shared the final prices of EA Play and made the information public. According to a new notification implemented in the Electronic Arts application, the change will take place on May 5. (The original news in the English media, however, dates the increase to May 10.) Either way, it seems that the decision is now final. Both the platform and EA’s official website reflect the increases detailed above.


It’s not just Electronic Arts that’s in trouble: subscription services are raising their prices


This is not the first time that we have reported that a subscription service unexpectedly raises its price. In fact, the gaming world has already seen similar changes with platforms like PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass. Series and movie fans, for their part, have already experienced this increase with apps from Netflix, Sky Showtime and HBO, among others. So, this general increase seems to affect the majority of subscribers.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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