Fallout: London Mod Fans Got Some Disappointing News! [VIDEO]

Fallout: London has announced that its release date will be delayed due to uncertainties surrounding Fallout 4’s upcoming next-gen update.



Ahead of Fallout 4’s upcoming next-gen update, the highly anticipated mod Fallout: London has confirmed that it will push back its April 23rd release date. The release of any update to the game may destroy the mods. The F:L team only prevents any problems that may arise…

Fallout 4’s modding scene is one of the most dedicated of any game – it’s very similar to Skyrim in this regard, with the modding community keeping the game alive long after its release date.

Some, like Fallout: London, are incredibly ambitious, large-scale mods. They are often a DLC or larger in size. Others are much smaller, adding small details to the world, such as the Fallout 4 mod that added Lucy’s pistol from the popular TV adaptation. Downloading many of these more minor mods can have a massive impact on your game, even if they aren’t huge on their own.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Fallout: London confirmed that the previous release date of April 23rd has now been postponed indefinitely.

This is because of the upcoming Fallout 4 next-gen update. The latter will be released on April 25th and will almost certainly break a bunch of mods that are necessary for F:L to function correctly. The biggest problem seems to be the Fallout 4 Script Extender. This is essential for many complex mods to make the game work. For Fallout: London, breaking the Script Extender will result in many UI and dialogue systems needing to be updated immediately, and a delay is better than frustrating players playing the mod.


Fallout: London mod benefits from the next-gen update even with the delay


The developer also emphasizes that the Fallout 4 next-gen update is still good for the mod. It should result in an increase in performance, from which F:L can profit despite the inconveniences. With the goal of being among the best Fallout 4 mods, Fallout: London has decided that a delay is better than sticking to a release date. No specific release date was given. The developer has confirmed that they can fix the issues in the first day, week, or month.

It has also been confirmed that the mod will not be hosted on Nexus Mods due to Fallout: London’s file size, which the developer says is currently “around 30-40GB”.

Instead, it will be hosted on GOG for players who own Fallout 4 on PC. The success of the Fallout TV series has currently put the series back on the map. The entire series is experiencing a renaissance in the number of players. New and returning fans of the franchise will be jumping back into the various titles for another wasteland adventure. Another Fallout game probably won’t be coming for years. Still, it’s great to see the series revived in this way.

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