World of Warcraft: Blizzard’s Still not Giving up on the Console Version

The MMO turns 20 this year, but so far there has been no sign of Blizzard’s still-popular game making its way to a Microsoft or Sony console, but the company is not giving up.


VGC caught up with Holly Longdale, executive producer and vice president of World of Warcraft. In the interview, she discusses Blizzard’s current approach to long-planned console ports that never materialized, and what life is like inside the company since Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard (and closed a deal worth nearly $69 billion…).

“Of course we still talk about the console version. We’re gamers, I don’t think anything’s out of the realm of possibility, but we don’t have anything to talk about right now. If anything, Microsoft has been very helpful. We’ve had time with Helen Chang from Mojang and we’ve shared information, so it’s almost like we have access to what’s worked for them, we’ve been able to talk to the Elder Scrolls Online team and share what we’re up to and what’s worked, it’s almost like we’re getting a benefit.

Nobody’s asking us to do anything. World of Warcraft is doing very well and they’re very proud of what it’s been able to accomplish, so it’s almost like we’re just letting them be and letting them continue to be awesome. Microsoft has been very supportive and it’s like ‘let Blizzard be Blizzard,'” Longdale said.

Blizzard announced three World of Warcraft expansions at BlizzCon last November. The World of Warcraft Saga will be an epic story that celebrates the first twenty years of the MMO and sets the stage for the future of Azeroth. The first part of the storyline, The War Within, will be released later this year. The two subsequent installments, Midnight and The Last Titan, are expected to follow a little later.

Source: VGC

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