World Of Warcraft: The War Within Collector’s Edition Has Been Unveiled!

World of Warcraft has unveiled a boxed collector’s edition of The War Within, which includes some must-have memorabilia in honour of the new expansion.



World of Warcraft recently unveiled the collector’s edition of The War Within. The latter includes a new art album, a pin, and a beautiful gryphon rider statue. As the release coincides with the game’s 20th anniversary, this physical premium edition should be a great addition to any fan’s collection. Since its release, WoW and its expansions have had a physical collector’s edition.

Pre-order options for The War Within opened at the same time as World of Warcraft 2023 was announced at BlizzCon in November, meaning players have been waiting almost half a year for the collector’s box to be unveiled.

Now, the wait is finally over! WoW recently revealed the contents of the Collector’s Edition to coincide with the beginning of the alpha testing phase. In addition to the items included in The War Within Epic Edition, players who purchase the limited edition box will receive The Art of The War Within art book. It also includes Alleria, Anduin and Thrall collector badges and a golden gryphon rider statue. Fans can purchase the World of Warcraft: The War Within Collector’s Edition at the Blizzard Gear store. The price is just a friendly 180 dollars.



World of Warcraft: The War Within



World of Warcraft: The War Within Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Everything in the World of Warcraft: The War Within Epic Edition, including the expansion itself.
  • Special The War Within game box.
  • The Art of The War Within hardcover art book.
  • Collector’s pin featuring Anduin, Alleria, and Thrall.
  • Golden Gryphon Rider statue.


Fans who are interested in the new Collector’s Edition but have already pre-purchased World of Warcraft: The War Within can still obtain these three physical items. If players already have a digital code for The War Within, they will receive a balance refund equal to the full amount of their previous pre-purchase.

Given that The War Within Epic Edition costs $90 on its own, the art book, collector’s badge, and statue technically only add up to an additional $90.

The Epic Edition also includes plenty of digital goodies. Fans who purchase it on its own or as part of the new Collector’s Edition will receive a level 70 character booster, 1000 Trader’s Tender, an Algarian Stormrider mount and matching transmog set, a pet, a toy, and a cosmetic hearthstone. Plus, 30 days of playtime, beta and early access to WoW: The War Within and the Dragonflight expansion. (If they don’t already have it.)

The alpha for The War Within has officially begun. Every week, WoW plans to test certain zones of The War Within. With each build, more and more players are gradually invited. While this does not guarantee access to the alpha, fans who purchase The War Within Collector’s Edition will be guaranteed a spot in the beta, which will begin in the coming months.

Source: Blizzard

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