The Deathverse: Let It Die Will be Transformed into a New Game [VIDEO]

Supertrick Games will essentially be making a third game out of two, as it will be a combination of Deathverse: Let It Die and Let It Die, so the best elements of both projects will be combined to create what could be a pretty good combination.


Hideyuki Shin, the game’s director, talked about how the amalgamation of the two games will come together in the developer diary embedded below: “We are currently remaking Deathverse, and development is going well. We are making good progress. So in the past we have released Let It Die and Deathverse. This time, we want to make a game that will please both fans of Let It Die and fans of Deathverse. No, it’s not a half-assed game. Specifically, with Deathverse, we created a game centered around player vs. player, but there were a lot of things we felt could be improved. After considering them, we decided to make a game that, like Let It Die, has a clear loop of gameplay that you repeat over and over again, but also lets you fight against other players. We’re trying to take the fun parts of both games and make something new.

In short, it’s going to be a roguelike exploration game with both co-op and PvP. It’ll take the good parts of Let It Die. Actually, it’ll use Let It Die as a base to build on. Is it Let It Die 2? No, it’s not 3? 4? If I had to choose, I’d say that’s closer. It’s a 3 or a 4… somewhere around there. I want viewers to feel that the atmosphere in this screenshot is a little different from our previous work. As a ratio, I would say 7 to 3? Or 8 to 2? So Let It Die is the bigger part of the game, not Deathverse,” Shin said.

Hopefully we won’t be disappointed with the end result, but we can be sure it will be a mature enough idea for PlayStation 5 and PC (we’re not holding out hope for PlayStation 4).

Source: Gematsu




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