Akimbot: Exe and Shipset Set Off [VIDEO]

Evil Raptor (Pumpkin Jack) and Plaion are working on an action-adventure platformer in a sci-fi setting where there are only robots and laws that not everyone obeys.


In this 3D action-adventure platformer, you play as Exe, an outlaw robot with his unexpected sidekick, Shipset, as you blast your way through armies of robots, pilot spaceships, and forge your own path on a mission to save the universe from impending doom! Set in a science fiction world where only robots exist, travel the galaxy and experience non-stop robot mayhem and explosive action! Your journey begins as many great stories do – with a prison break. Explore stunning and colorful environments across the galaxy as you embark on an explosive adventure that will have you jumping, blasting, and driving your way through an unpredictable universe to never-before-seen planets. Explore the unique atmospheres, terrains, and inhabitants of each planet and space-time you find on your journey.

The two outlaw robots are locked in an electrifying race against Evilware, a former scientist bent on wreaking havoc. In the midst of an intergalactic war, they must uncover the truth, meeting a cast of wacky companions along the way. Your mission: Become a hero and save the galaxy from destruction. Fight as a space gunner and blast robots back to infinity! Our unlikely heroes must hone their skills and build their arsenal to destroy various robot armies. From Evilware’s diabolical Abyssal aquatic army and more, tweak your fighting style thanks to a diverse arsenal of weapons in real-time battles and space battles.

Upgrade Exe’s artillery as you fight various armies with a variety of high-powered weapons! Earn Botcoins throughout your adventure by destroying the environment and finding hidden crates. Then spend all your hard-earned coins in the available in-game shops to unlock and customize special weapons! Jumping, dashing, grappling and wall running? That’s just the beginning! A classic 3D platformer, Akimbot will use every tool in your arsenal to navigate the universe. Use your dash to cover short distances in a hurry, or use your turbocharged propulsion system for an extra double-jump boost!

Akimbot will be released later this year for PlayStation 5, Xbox consoles and PC (Steam).

Source: Gematsu



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