Azimuth: What is Take-Two up to?

Take-Two subsidiary 2K is working on a project that probably only has a codename, so when it’s finally announced by the Strauss Zelnick-led publisher, it’ll probably have a completely different name.


According to a leaker, DanielRPK, Take-Two is working on a AAA game for which the publisher is looking for an actor. This game, codenamed Azimuth, will be a third-person shooter. Tom Celia will produce the shoot and Jaclyn Imai will be in charge of casting. The shoot would take place sometime around June 24 somewhere in the USA. The successful candidate would need to be darker skinned (defined as Afro-Brazilian) and it would be good if they could speak English with a Brazilian accent.

They will also have a cultural consultant and credibility would be important to Take-Two. The actor will be a supporting NPC, not a major character in the story of the game. Neil deGrasse Tyson has been mentioned as a reference, but only his voice is being used as a candidate, not his looks. Four key words are mentioned in the job posting: grandiose, sense of wonder, intelligent, humorous.

Don’t even think about Max Payne 4. In fact, our hero visited South America in Max Payne 3, but there’s no way he’ll end up there again, and the character’s iconic voice has since died. A remake of the first and second parts of Max Payne is in the works at Remedy, but they certainly won’t have to do anything like this. It’s likely to be tied to the game from 31st Union Studio. This studio is headed by Michael Condrey, who was previously the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, so he has worked on several Call of Duty titles.

Our other guess could be for Mafia 4, and hopefully this time they won’t follow the prologue formula. Because in Mafia 3 you had to clear a neighborhood over and over again with the same three missions (evacuate a warehouse, execute a gang, kill a target) and because of that the gameplay of Hangar 13 got tired very quickly.

One day we’ll find out what it’s all about…

Source: Reddit

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