More Characters Leaked from the Reboot of MultiVersus?

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) may be building on this game soon, as the Super Smash Bros. clone title is set to relaunch, and several characters have been leaked, including some surprising names.


The first character mentioned is Jason Voorhees. It’s a bit odd that he’s not in Dead by Daylight (although he’d be a perfect fit as a killer in Behaviour Interactive’s game… and would be a good fit for the genre), while he’s in the free-to-play crossover brawler aimed at a younger audience. A picture of him has even been leaked, and for the umpteenth time, we can’t get used to what we’re seeing, as it’s simply incomprehensible to see him next to Joker (but not coincidentally crossover, as some characters from multiple IPs will show up here).

The second character is rumored to be coming from The Matrix to Player First Games’ title: allegedly, Agent Smith will also join MultiVersus. This was confirmed by the fact that WBD used his name as one of the tags in a video that will arrive later today and will be about three minutes long. Then there are the others who also leaked in the same way: The Powerpuff Girls (three main characters from a Cartoon Network cartoon series that started in the late nineties) and Jason Voorhees. Previously announced content will also appear in the video, including PvE gameplay and a stage from Dexter’s Laboratory (another Cartoon Network cartoon from the second half of the 1990s).

On Twitter, Agent Smith was then confirmed by another leaker, so there might be a reason for this character to show up in MultiVersus, though we’ll be curious to see how the character will be adapted, as we’re not sure if pills would be accepted in the game. Or the slo-mo movement, we can’t really imagine that in there either.

All this information is not official yet. So the restart could come with a lot of strong innovations if all this is true.

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