Remedy: An Announcement at Summer Game Fest?

Remedy Entertainment is likely to announce something at Geoff Keighley’s event (he’s also behind The Game Awards), but what could the Finnish studio have in store?


Last fall they released Alan Wake 2, published by Epic Games Publishing (and financed by Tim Sweeney’s company). It was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox series and the Epic Games Store on PC. The announcement may be related to this, as Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake alluded to it in a very simple tweet. Remedy fans are on to something, but what is it?

They have several ambitious projects in development. Alan Wake 2 is getting DLC, a sequel to Control is in the works, there’s a multiplayer project called Condor, and a remake of the first two episodes of Max Payne. Vanguard was recently canceled, renamed Kestrel, and was to be published by Tencent. The Chinese tech giant also partially funded the project, and the company now owns nearly 15% of Remedy. Since the release of Alan Wake 2 in October, the Finns have been relatively quiet, but that could change in June.

The logical announcement would be the Alan Wake 2 DLCs, as Remedy hasn’t really released any details on them yet, and they could fill that gap on June 7th. The other announcement could be a teaser video at most: although it’s official that the first two parts of Max Payne are getting remakes, we haven’t seen them in video yet, and development started in April according to the company’s financial report, but since we already know that these games are being made, it wouldn’t make much sense.

Alan Wake 2 will get two paid DLCs. They are called Night Springs and Lake House. With eight months between the release of the base game and Summer Game Fest, it might be time to introduce them. There could even be a Game of the Year or Complete Edition version of Alan Wake 2 that includes the base game and both DLCs.

And it could even be a physical retail edition, since it was originally released digitally only…

Source: GameRant

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