Red Queen – A Female Detective Who Outshines Sherlock Holmes in IQ in This Spanish Thriller Series

SERIES REVIEW – Amazon Prime’s new Spanish crime-thriller series, Red Queen (Reina Roja), follows the story of a brilliant woman and a troubled cop as they try to unravel the most sinister plans of criminals. The series masterfully blends the suspense typical of thrillers, the intellectual detective work reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, and human drama into a captivating narrative that keeps viewers glued to the screen.


Amazon Prime’s latest Spanish-language series, Red Queen, premiered at the end of February this year and has quickly become one of the streaming channel’s popular titles. Based on Juan Gómez-Jurado’s bestselling novel of the same name, the series is directed by Koldo Serra and stars Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian in the lead roles. At the center of the story is Antonia Scott, a brilliant woman whose extraordinary intelligence has placed her at the helm of a secret investigative project. After a personal tragedy forces her to leave the service, a policeman, Jon Gutierrez, drags her back into the world of crime-fighting to solve a series of gruesome murders and a kidnapping that occurred under equally horrifying circumstances.



A Tormented Female Sherlock Holmes


The series’ main strength lies in its characters and their interactions. Vicky Luengo excels as Antonia Scott, portraying a highly intelligent but emotionally scarred detective. Antonia’s character showcases the duality of a high IQ and deep personal trauma, making her particularly compelling to viewers. Luengo’s performance effectively conveys Antonia’s inner turmoil and isolation from the outside world.

Hovik Keuchkerian delivers a memorable performance as Jon Gutierrez. Jon, a gay Basque cop battling his own demons, provides a perfect contrast to Antonia’s character. His lighthearted, humorous approach often alleviates the series’ tension, making the story more relatable. Their dynamic and collaborative work relationship is one of the series’ greatest strengths.



The Stern Antonia and the Easygoing Detective


Red Queen is captivating not only because of its characters but also due to its complex and well-written storyline. The series’ episodes build tension continuously, and while the numerous unanswered questions can be frustrating at times, the final twist compensates for it. At the heart of the narrative are a series of ritualistic murders and kidnappings that Antonia and Jon attempt to solve together.

The series’ script skillfully balances serious detective work with humor between the characters, making the dialogues particularly memorable. As the story progresses, more information about Antonia’s past and the Red Queen project is revealed, keeping viewers constantly engaged.

The series deepens the backgrounds of the main characters, showcasing Antonia’s brilliance and personal tragedy, alongside Jon’s humorous and relaxed approach. This duality sets the series apart, emphasizing character development alongside the investigation.



To See Madrid and Die


Red Queen’s visual world is also noteworthy. The series’ filming locations, mainly in and around Madrid, authentically depict the story’s dark and mysterious atmosphere. Director Koldo Serra successfully creates a world where tension and mystery are ever-present. The series is aesthetically appealing, with its visual style and musical score contributing significantly to the mood.

The series’ visual style and ambiance are intricately intertwined with its dark themes. The director uses colors and light-shadow play skillfully to enhance suspense and mystery. Throughout the episodes, viewers delve deeper into Madrid’s dark underworld, where crime and corruption reign.

Red Queen’s musical score also deserves special mention. The tension-building musical elements and carefully selected melodies contribute significantly to creating the series’ atmosphere. The music not only accompanies the scenes but actively enhances the tension and drama. The composer’s work is particularly notable for how closely the music is intertwined with the story.



A Royal Creation


Amazon Prime’s Red Queen series is an excellent adaptation that pays worthy homage to Juan Gómez-Jurado’s original novel. The series’ exciting and intelligent storytelling, deep character portrayals, and stunning direction all contribute to keeping viewers captivated. Despite some slower parts and a few unanswered questions, Red Queen is a fascinating and memorable crime-thriller recommended for all genre enthusiasts.

The series’ uniqueness lies in its focus not only on solving crimes but also on character development and their personal stories. The chemistry between Antonia and Jon, along with the superb performances of the supporting cast, makes Red Queen a genuine viewing experience. The series’ ending leaves many questions open, ensuring viewers eagerly await the next season.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-




Red Queen

Direction - 8.2
Actors - 8.4
Story - 8.3
Visuals/Music/Sounds - 8.5
Ambience - 8.4



Amazon Prime’s new Spanish series, Red Queen, tells the story of a brilliant detective and a troubled cop as they work together to uncover the most sinister plans of criminals. The series masterfully combines suspense, intellectual detective work, and human drama while taking viewers through the dark underworld of Madrid. With deep character portrayals and stunning visuals, Red Queen is a memorable and recommended crime-thriller.

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