The Rock Returns To The Ring – First Image From The UFC Drama The Smashing Machine Has Dropped!

MOVIE NEWS – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as Mark Kerr in the first image from A24’s The Smashing Machine, which is now confirmed to co-star Emily Blunt.



Renowned film studio A24 has released the first look at Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as UFC champion Mark Kerr in The Smashing Machine. Directed by Uncut Gems director Benny Safdie, The Smashing Machine tells the story of a mixed martial artist and promises to be much more dramatic than what we are used to from Johnson.

In the photo (which you can find in the tweet at the end of the article), Johnson is seen in the corner during a wrestling match, and the action star looks a little different than usual as he brings Kerr to life on screen.

With the huge, muscular body that the audience is used to, The Rock now covers his iconic bald head with curly black hair. He also wears some facial prosthetics to look more like the UFC champion.

The picture also marks Emily Blunt’s first on-screen appearance, seemingly confirming ongoing rumours that she will play Kerr’s girlfriend, Dawn Staples. Thus, they work together again with his Jungle Cruise co-star.

“The Smashing Machine follows Mark Kerr, the legendary MMA fighter from the no-holds-barred era of the UFC at the peak of his career,” the synopsis for the sports drama reads. “He struggles with addiction, winning, love and friendship in the year 2000.”

The Smashing Machine has yet to receive a release date but is expected to hit theatres in 2025.


The Rock wants to make films that matter


The Smashing Machine is Benny Safdie’s first solo direction. He previously worked with his brother Josh on films such as Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler, and Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson.

The Smashing Machine also signals Johnson’s desire to make movies that matter: The WWE star said that while he won’t be leaving the big box office, he wants to do more with his acting career from now on.

The Smashing Machine is just one of the star’s many upcoming projects. He is said to be reprising his role as Maui in both Moana 2 and the live-action Moana remake. He will also team up with Captain America star Chris Evans in the Christmas action film Red One.

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