[UFC 2024] Star Wars Outlaws Has Released Some Fresh Gameplay That Takes You To A Very Familiar Place… [VIDEO]

In addition, we don’t have to wait long for Star Wars Outlaws, as the game, which promises to be one of the summer’s blockbusters, arrives on August 30.



It’s been a year since Star Wars Outlaws was introduced. And now, just two and a half months before the release, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft are letting us into the first big open world of the Lucasfilm saga again! A comprehensive gameplay video has been published, in which the question is… What will we not be able to do in this promising game?!


Over ten minutes of gameplay from Star Wars Outlaws


In particular, we received two videos, plus a collection of easter eggs. The first was a gameplay demo of just over 10 minutes, where the main character, after a small space battle and a mini-game, lands in a place well-known to players and fans of the franchise: Tatooine! Kay Vess has apparently been tasked with tracking down the whereabouts of an expert gunslinger from Mos Eisley.

It’s all the perfect excuse to take us around Anakin Skywalker’s homeworld and learn a little more about what he’s up to.

Massive is putting a lot of emphasis on exploration in Star Wars Outlaws. This is important so that the protagonist can find all sorts of elusive experts to help her unlock new abilities. Space also proves to be just as lively an environment as the surface, where you can earn some credits through random events. But be careful, think about everything you do, because you can lose or gain reputation points with one or another criminal organization in this galaxy. Moreover, Vess has such a bad reputation with the Hutts that our previously mentioned mission will be more complicated, we will have to infiltrate unnoticed, since they are not exactly welcome there.

The second trailer turned out to be a more conventional promotional video, in which we get a lot of details from the adventure, including a look at the different worlds that Vess will visit – including the jungle world of Akiva, the ancient city of Kijimi and the savannas of the moon Toshara – as well as special guests from the franchise who appear from time to time, including Lando Calrissian.

The shots remind you of the basics of the open world. As well as the importance of building a good reputation to gain access to more lucrative assignments. All good things have a downside, and the stakes get higher as the journey progresses. It also digs a little deeper into the protagonist’s narrative background.

In Star Wars Outlaws, we follow Kay Vess, a knight of fortune longing for freedom and a new life, who fights, steals and cheats with the galaxy’s criminal syndicates and ends up on the galaxy’s most wanted list. The game will arrive on August 30 for PC (Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect), PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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