Huge Epic Games Store Leak Reveals Games and Ports!

Epic Games’ response to this was simply to update the database so that third-party devices cannot scrape details from the Epic Games Store catalog…


The leak, which was posted on the ResetEra forum, shows a lot of games. It all started with EpicDB, a third-party database that Epic has essentially destroyed with this update. Planet Coaster 2 is in the works at Frontier Development, Farming Simulator 25 at Giants Software, and Indigo at Historia, which could be a 52-player racing game. It’s currently codenamed Penguin Game, and plans for a closed beta test have been leaked.

At Konami, Deliver at All Costs has popped up, but Gematsu says this game is being made by Far Out Games, and the indie title has a Steam page. At Rockstar Games, the project of interest is a project codenamed Semla. According to Gematsu, the file size is similar to the PlayStation 4 port of Red Dead Redemption, so it’s probably a PC port of that game. Saber Interactive has Turok and Sony Interactive Entertainment has Utah. We can identify this as The Last of Us Part II is in the path to the cloud save folder, so this is most likely a PC port of The Last of Us Part II Remastered. Other unidentifiable (or codenamed) things in the SIE are SPTwalkthrough, Kondo (Rise of the Ronin or Ghost of Tsushima?), PSS Test App 1-3, RhodeIsland, and Carrack (Uncharted?).

Let’s take a look at what’s under Square Enix: Momo, which includes the Thief’s Knife as a pre-order bonus and the Tetra Master Starter Pack as an early purchase… there’s a good chance this is Final Fantasy IX Remake. Skobeloff is also a codename that openly states Final Fantasy XVI in the cloud save folder path. Other codenames include Butterkaka and Yamane. THQ Nordic has Remnant 3 and an unknown company has VS. VS’s previous “value” in the database is Ys vs: Alternative Saga, but since it is not listed under e.g. NIS America, it is probably not official.

Under SEGA we have Terra and Axel. The latter could be Streets of Rage or, more likely, Crazy Taxi. Under SEGA in Europe we have Porridge, Croquembouche, Kifli and CurlyWurly. Under Microsoft, ZMI is CTG, and ZMI could be ZeniMax Media Inc. So a Bethesda project? Then there’s Oranda at Activision, and then Bethesda shows up separately. Pipit, Brant (DOOM Eternal?), Enigma, Brownie, and Osiris 2.0 (which could be either DOOM 64 or, more likely, DOOM: The Dark Ages). Finally, under Electronic Arts we have CadetGrey (which is Battefield 2042), R5 (Apex Legends), Chamaelejp (Dragon Age: The Veilguard), and the four unidentified games Offenbach, Anole, Rache, and Gundain.

EpicDB is basically dead now, but it revealed more secrets…

Source: Gematsu, WCCFTech, EpicDB, ResetEra

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