Is Bloodborne Coming To PC?! Hidetaka Miyazaki Speaks Up

“I want as many players as possible to enjoy [the game],” said the FromSoftware president and Bloodborne director.



The release of Bloodborne on PC has been a topic of conversation for years. At every PlayStation conference, thousands of gamers eagerly await the announcement of the game’s PC version. But Sony doesn’t seem to realize how important FromSoftware’s psychological game is. This insistence reached Miyazaki, the game’s director and the development company’s president.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Elden Ring, the Dark Souls saga, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, gave an interview to PC Gamer, where part of the FromSoftware team was also present.

The journalist asked the director of Bloodborne whether he would personally like to see the title on PC one day. After some members of the press room started laughing, Miyazaki responded as follows.

“I know for a fact these guys want a Bloodborne PC port. If I say I want one, I’ll get in trouble as well. But it’s nothing I’m opposed to,” he said. “Obviously, as one of the creators of Bloodborne, my personal, pure honest opinion is I’d love more players to be able to enjoy it. Especially as a game that is now coming of age, one of those games of the past that gets lost on older hardware…” he continued.


Miyazaki wouldn’t be against a PC port of Bloodborne, either


Miyazaki continues his explanation. “I think any game like that, it’d be nice to have an opportunity for more players to be able to experience that and relive this relic of the past. So as far as I’m concerned, that’s definitely not something I’d be opposed to”, concludes the president of FromSoftware. In related news, it was reported a few weeks ago that PlayStation’s new CEO is a fan of Bloodborne and single-player games. Everything will be ready for a new look. It seems that it is only a matter of time before we can finally try it on PC…

Source: PC Gamer

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