This game is such a huge asset flip that I wouldn't be able to describe it without cursing.

Life of Black Tiger – The Story Of Drunk Black Tiger And The Unity Engine

REVIEW - If I open with the…
RIME's one of the high points is how varied the island is.

RIME – Not That PRIME [PS Plus]

Not That PRIME (PS Plus)
Okami - I was discussing the rating before writing the review because I firmly believe that the game is outstanding

Okami HD – A Cel-Shaded Story For The Masses

A Cel-Shaded Story For The Masses
After eight months, we got a sudden continuation.

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 4: What Ails You? – Personality Evolution

REVIEW - What a start: the save…

Is YouTube Responsible For The Death Of Single-Player Games?

OPINION - Polygon's Year in Review article…
Telltale did more revamping work than just the visuals: they even remade the cameras, as they use lens-based, auto-focusing cameras, which, according to them, results in a „greater cinematic look.

The Walking Dead Collection: How Did It Visually Improve?

How Did It Visually Improve?
Of course, you will also be capable of upgrading your Grav, and you'll unlock the tools and better equipment via the single-player campaign, and, apparently, one update could be affecting another one negatively

Antigraviator – WipEout Reloaded?

PREVIEW - When I was asked to…

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