Choo-Choo Charles: in this new survival horror game, you'll face an enemy straight out of your worst nightmares.

The terrifying trailer for Choo-Choo Charles will keep you awake at night…

Choo-Choo Charles: in this new survival horror…
Blumhouse's Exorcist trilogy creates a new story that branches off from the original film, just like their Halloween reboot.

Jason Blum says The Exorcist reboot will be “very, very scary”

Blumhouse’s Exorcist trilogy creates a new story…
MOVIE NEWS - Halloween Kills, which was originally due to be released in cinemas last year but had to be postponed due to the outbreak, is a very timely film for star Jamie Lee Curtis. In fact, he's even happy about the delay.

Jason Blum to continue after Halloween Ends

Jason Blum is hoping to continue the…

GTA V: petition to remove transphobic content

In response to GTA V, the British…
MOVIE NEWS – The Tom Hardy movie obliterated October’ opening weekend box office record!

There will be a Venom 3 if the second part is successful

Tom Hardy is keen to return to…
The production of the next James Bond announced that the shoot was suspended because Daniel Craig had injured his ankle. The 51-year-old British actor hurt himself while shooting a scene.

Daniel Craig broke Dave Bautista’s nose on the set of Spectre

In an interview promoting No Time To…
Wanted star James McAvoy has revealed that he would love to see what happened to master assassin Wesley Gibson in the sequel.

Is Wanted 2 finally coming? James McAvoy is waiting for it

Wanted star James McAvoy has revealed that…
The John Wick 4 star has revealed more details about the highly anticipated action sequel.

John Wick 4: new characters, car crashes and crazy fights for Keanu Reeves!

The John Wick 4 star has revealed…
Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood: will also run on mid-range PCs

Back 4 Blood: Even if you don’t…
However, unlike previous rumours, it will not be PlayStation 5-exclusive. But, a demo for it indeed is.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: premiere date and free demo!

Players who pre-order a copy of the…

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