Metal Gear Solid 2

A New Metal Gear Solid Game That Nobody Likes! [VIDEO]

Konami kept their word: There will be…

Here’s The First Racing Game For The Nintendo NX! Also It’s Logo? [VIDEO]

It comes to multiple platforms, and the…
Red Dead Redemption - However, take all this with a grain of salt. Unless Rockstar or Take-Two officially announces these, we should not believe anything at all, right?

Red Dead Redemption 2? Remake? Something Has To Be Going On!

An ex-Rockstar-employee’s portfolio showed a suspicious image…
Hopefully, Watch Dogs 2 will not look way uglier than its revealed state.

Watch Dogs 2 Will Be Indeed Out At E3!

A YouTuber receives a surprise package –…
Black will next be seen starring opposite Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in the Jumanji remake.

FREE D&D MMORPG to Expand the PS4 Line-Up! No Need for PS Plus Either! [VIDEO]

In case you’re a fan of Dungeons…
If Capcom wants to approach this game from a financial aspect, they might make Dead Rising 4 as a multiplatform title. Xbox One has about the half of an install base than the PlayStation 4. Even if it would skip the PS4, similar to some recent Xbox One games, Dead Rising 4 might be out on the Windows 10 as well.

The Dead Will Rise A Fourth Time?

It looks like a certain zombie slaughter…

Uncharted 4 Is Dethroned!

We see the day that Nathan Drake…
Dead Island 2 -Deep Silver's statement says choosing Sumo makes perfect sense. Hopefully, the team will be able to get the game back on track!

Off Steam – Is It The End For Dead Island 2?!

We might have to bid adieu to…
It's interesting that you can only play the first level, which can be completed in less than two hours even if you play it blind.

Expand Your Game Library With Another Freebie!

How about another game to kick your…

Here’s The June PlayStation Plus Games [VIDEO]

Sony timed it for the last day…

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