Devil May Cry has shown in public a new secret project

A mysterious exhibition at a manga and anime event in Orlando opens up Southworth, speculation.

It is not usual, but in a talk at the Anime Festival Orlando 2019 with the actors behind the voices of Dante and Vergil, Reuben Langdon and Dan Southworth , attendees were urged to turn off their mobile phones to show new content related to the Devil May Cry franchise … and everyone turned off their devices. It is known that, indeed, something new was shown in the saga of demon hunters of Capcom, but it has not transcended what it was that the actors taught.

As PlayStation LifeStyle explains, a Southworth representative has commented on the Facebook page of the actor who taught it is something “secret until Capcom shows it”, so, unless there is a leak of content in the next few hours, it is not He hopes that nothing will be revealed about the new Devil May Cry soon. Speculations revolve around new downloadable content for the newly released Devil May Cry 5 or a first preview of the Devil May Cry series on Netflix, but there is nothing clear about it yet.

From Capcom itself it was specified that the development of the fifth part had concluded, so it is not expected that there will be more downloadable content for the hack and slash videogame and the Devil May Cry saga in the coming months; The hypothetical content of Netflix, even if it was in the form of the first preview with narrated images of the story-board or the first sketches of the program, seems the most reliable option, although far from confirmed by those attending the event.

It will remain patient to know new details about the future of the franchise, which after the success of sales of Devil May Cry 5, seems more than sure.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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