Will we get a silent announcement of restarting the Kojima-del Toro teamwork?

Kojima and Del Toro back together?!

Gullermo Del Toro left the scene of…
DiRT Rally - Don't worry, rally simulator fans: you will very likely get your annual dose in 2016. DiRT Rally is very promising even in its current state.

DiRT Rally: even more free goodies! [VIDEO]

Codemasters could be great if they wanted…
Rey, Finn, Poe, Han Solo, C-3PO, Chewbacca, BB-8 and Kylo Renn will all be involved, and we'll also be able to build custom ships to navigate in the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars VII: the LEGO is strong in this one! [VIDEO]

Unsurprisingly, another major successful movie receives a…
Speaking of Dying Light, there's not much time left to pick up the basic version of the game! Techland is going to pull the vanilla Dying Light off the stores next week and replace them with the Enhanced Edition.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition – Zombie evolution! [VIDEO]

We got a time lapse video ranging…
Comparing the images, you can see the changes yourself. The lighting is improved, the textures have higher quality, Kat herself got reworked and obviously, the resolution is also higher - 1080p/60fps! We can't wait for the February release in the West.

Gravity Rush Remastered: Launch trailer arrived! [VIDEO]

At the time of writing this news…
PlayStation Plus - OPINION - In a few days, January will come to an end. It means that Sony will have to announce the February free games for the PlayStation Plus subscribers.

We can vote for the PS Plus games again! [VIDEO]

PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting the chance…
We don't know if the attacks will happen or not, but let's hope this is a warning sign for both systems and companies.

A new try to hack the PlayStation 4!

After the PS3, is Cobra team „done”… playstation network hacked 1

A new month, a new PSN outage!

PlayStation Network started February on its bad…
Electronic Arts has until March 9 to respond to a legal affair. They probably will get to this, but only after laughing at Ubisoft. What are we talking about? Well, it seems, that Ubisoft doesn't like that EA uses the term Ghost.

You won’t believe, why Ubisoft sues Electronic Arts now!

Electronic Arts has until March 9 to…
If we add that the PlayStation 4 bundles sold a million, it's more impressive.

Star Wars Battlefront – You won’t be Kylo Renn!

If you want to play as Kylo…

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