Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta for everyone, but hurry up!

Quick, get onto the PS Store, before…

Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 4 game will be announced at Paris Game Week [VIDEO]

Two years ago, none other than the…
Pray tell, what's the deal with the European launch being in limbo?

Republique will sneak onto the PlayStation 4 soon

GungHo Online Entertainment America and Camouflaj have…

Madden NFL 16 got an unbelievable trailer [VIDEO]

EA Sports decided to flip the table…
And we either don't see the point of the movie. While the games themselves have a lot of cutscenes, making the experience somewhat close to the movies, what's the point of making a film, really? (Speaking of cutsenes: check them out on The Nathan Drake Collection - perfect way to port the games from the PS3 to the PS4, except for no multiplayer)

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection – The PS4 versus the PS3 [VIDEO]

DigitalFoundry has put together another interesting comparison:…

This is how you DON’T steal a PlayStation 4

It’s true that Sony‘s current-gen console, the…
What happens next, will Ryu's beard get removed due to being too offensive?!

How about another Street Fighter V beta?

The first planned beta for Street Fighter…
Red Dead Redemption - remake of Red Dead - Well, the truth is that Red Dead Redemption is extremely far from being a disaster: it’s one of the best games Rockstar made since a long time.

Red Dead Redemption: Over 14 million copies sold

Red Dead Redemption, an open world game…

Are you fed up with the life of the DualShock 4’s battery? Here’s a solution

Although the PlayStation 4 is a great…
The Sweden-based Embracer Group announced eight further acquisitions. For instance, you might know them via THQ Nordic (it's one of its "arms"). They got a reasonably big company, too!

Who owns Duke Nukem after all? It’s now decided

There has been a lawsuit going on…

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