Starfield: Has Todd Howard Taken Notes from No Man’s Sky? [VIDEO]

Bethesda Game Studios’ game may take a similar approach to Hello Games’ masterpiece, although one difference would certainly be between Starfield and No Man’s Sky.


A YouTube user, MrMattyPlays, recorded an hour-long interview with Todd Howard, the director of Starfield. Howard confirmed that their plan is a bit bold: they want to add DLC to the game every year. No Man’s Sky does that, but Sean Murray’s does it for free, and we’re not looking at that from Howard’s side. I’m sure all the DLC will be paid for.

“We have three big franchises now. Starfield has 14 million players and the average play time is still over 40 hours per player. It’s just an amazing amount of time in the game. Something that we had planned, and one of the things that – I mean, it’s great that everybody’s responding to the trailer and the vibe that we’re trying to put out there, but one of the things that we always liked about it from the beginning, and I don’t think people realize it, is that Shattered Space, the bulk of the expansion pack, once you get to the city and the planet, it pretty much takes place there.

It allows us to build a landscape as we would traditionally do and have the city and the quests. The story takes place there, and the landscape, content wise, we’re looking at kind of like what we did with Far Harbor in Fallout 4. That’s a framework that works for our development to do that kind of annual story expansion type of thing. We’re really excited about that, and it allows us to do some things that we’ve done in previous games and give people not quite that experience because it’s still Starfield, but this new kind of alien world that you can explore and it takes place there.

When we were making Starfield, we struggled with how to make exploration fun on large, barren planets. We felt good about where we ended up because we knew that for a lot of people, it wouldn’t scratch the same itch that it would if you had a more customized landscape to explore. It was the same for us. We wanted to build something like that, and we felt like this was the way to do it, with something that had its own theme and tone that we could put you on a planet. One of the advantages of Starfield and its scope is that it allows for something like that to be within it and still feel natural, so that was our own reaction as well. I would say we want to do [annual story expansions], more or less. How long that goes on, hopefully a very long time, but that’s what we’re planning for the one after this one. So there will be another one,” Howard said.

And who will make The Elder Scrolls VI?

Source: WCCFTech


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