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ON3D Studios' game will be published on consoles by PQube nearly three years after the PC original.

Quantum Replica: It’s Never Too Late For A Console Port [VIDEO]

ON3D Studios‘ game will be published on…
TECH NEWS - Ampere Analysis has predicted the pace of console sales in a market characterised by manufacturing problems, yet the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series machines seem to be selling well.

Will The Nintendo Switch Outsell The Next-Gen Consoles?

One of the NPD’s analysts believes the…
The series that is also in the Guinness World Records as the longest-running sci-fi series, is getting a new game adaptation.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality: Two Doctors, One Quest [VIDEO]

The series that is also in the…
Nintendo. This time, the project would need a leading producer, which is quite worrying about the state of development of Metroid Prime 4. Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime 4 will be “more emotional and cinematic” according to a job offer

In the absence of information, Retro Studios…
Thanks to 3D printing you can pilot the Star Wars: Squadrons ship in a realistic way using your controller.

A fan turns the controllers of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch into a flight…

Thanks to 3D printing you can pilot…
Electronic Arts slowly starts to give its older games a new coat of paint - an example of it was Burnout Paradise's re-release.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered: Re-Release With „Extras” [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts continues re-releasing (although for no…
The United States Department of Justice (which we will shorten to DoJ onwards) revealed that several pirated were caught who also worked on tools that could be used to hack the PlayStation Classic (amongst other consoles).

Several PlayStation Classic Pirates Got Arrested In The United States

The United States Department of Justice (which…
Nintendo Switch - Interesting fact: while we saw Skyrim in the Switch trailer, Bethesda didn't confirm that the game is heading to the new platform. DeNA = mobile games.

Is The Nintendo Switch’ Battery Also Troublesome?

On top of the Joy-Con controllers, it…
Nintendo. The two controllers, Joy-Con that can be taken off from the Nintendo Switch is the reason why a law firm is looking into the situation - Nintendo might be taken to court over the drifting.

Is Nintendo Downplaying The Joy-Con’s Drifting Issue?

Reportedly, in a class-action lawsuit, Nintendo stated…