Luckily, there's a welcome addition to American Fugitive's gameplay: as you progress, you will gain experience points to upgrade your skills on a skill tree.

American Fugitive – NotGTA

Ion Fury - The heavy metal band demands two million dollars because the game's name, Ion Maiden is too similar!

Iron Maiden Sues Ion Maiden! [VIDEO]

The heavy metal band demands two million…
A new Red Faction game has leaked, but the source of its existence is pretty hilarious.

Red Faction Evolution: What’s THQ Nordic Up To?

A new Red Faction game has leaked,…
We learned what the Contra collection will contain, not long after releasing the Castlevania package.

Contra Anniversary Collection: Konami Tries To Sell A Few As A Lot

We learned what the Contra collection will…
Nintendo Switch - The Witcher 3 on Switch? It's possible that the Polish developer team might be secretly working on something else (or its port) aside from developing Cyberpunk 2077...

The Witcher 3 on Switch: Is It Possible?

The Witcher 3 on Switch? It’s been…
Super Marion Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Is Being Remade In An Older Mario Game! [VIDEO]

It’s questionable whether Nintendo will allow this…

Is A New Contra Game Announcement Coming At E3?

Konami might be unexpectedly pulling out one…
Consoles - Boeing is the American company, and Airbus is the European one. Let's not go into detail here - in short, the United States has listed which products could face tariffs (to gain eleven billion dollars out of it), and the EU has responded by the list which was linked a paragraph above.

The Consoles Might Be A Victim Of The Trade War

The tariff war between the United States…
Let's say the obligatory chorus at the end we tend to say in similar subjects: the human creativity knows no boundaries!

A Fan Created The Nintendo GameCube Mini! [VIDEO]

And she didn’t even use a trick…
So THQ Nordic got its plans spoiled. But what on Earth will Darksiders: Genesis be?

Did THQ Nordic’s Major E3 Announcements Leak?

They have a third announcement as well,…

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