Unveiled at the State of Play, Square Enix's latest game will be released for PC and consoles in 2022.

The Diofield Chronicle – Magic And Politics In Tactical RPG

Magic And Politics In Tactical RPG
Development of New Tales from the Borderlands is coming to a close, so it looks like a game is arriving just in time...

New Tales From The Borderlands: Development Is At The Finish Line – Might Be Out…

Development of New Tales from the Borderlands…
With the Overwatch 2 beta recently launched and the game coming this fall, players looking for new content are excited, but some questions remain about the transition.

Overwatch 2: Solid Performance On All Current-Gen Platforms [VIDEO]

Comparing the current-gen consoles and PC shows…
Persona fans have uncovered evidence suggesting Persona 5 Royal could be coming to Nintendo Switch alongside other consoles.

Persona 3 Portable And Persona 4 Golden Get An Exact Release Date

The new ports announced earlier this year…
MOVIE NEWS - The Plague Tale production will follow Amicia and Hugo as they struggle to survive the Black Death and the Inquisition.

Relatively Hefty System Requirements For A Plague Tale: Requiem!

Considering the recommended system requirements for the…
One of the most well-known publishers of "adult" games claims that Nintendo's bosses have rejected its upcoming titles.

Would Nintendo Censors Have Declared War On “Adult” Games?!

One of the most well-known publishers of…
Blizzard is detailing some ways it will crack down on "disruptive players" in Overwatch 2, including voice chat recording and phone number requirements.

Overwatch 2 Has Suffered Two Significant DDoS Attacks

And pre-paid mobile users can be angry…
After 2003's Battle For Bikini Bottom got a remake, it was a question of time when Mr Spongebob SquarePants will get a brand new game...

$250 For A Collector’s Edition Of A SpongeBob SquarePants Game!? [VIDEO]

250 dollars. That’s what Purple Lamp Studios…
A player has confronted a bug in FIFA 23 that allows you to sign female footballers to male teams in career mode, documenting the bug with pictures.

FIFA 23 Is So Buggy That Career Mode Lets Women Players Join Men’s Teams!

A player has confronted a bug in…

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