They saw Forza in action, and it ran at sixty frames per second on 4K resolution. Microsoft promises to run all 900p and 1080p games better than a normal Xbox One as well.

Xbox Scorpio – A New Challenger Appears

A New Challenger Appears
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Switch-launch: Errors A Plenty? [VIDEO]

Errors A Plenty?
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New Year, New Resolution – 2017: The Year of 4K Gaming?

2017: The Year of 4K Gaming?
I think that it’s a key sentence for every VR technology and gamer maker companies.

PSVR & VR Technology Today: Been There, Done That

OPINION – Last weekend we had the…
new Switch model - Nintendo opened the game reveals with one of the craziest “non” games of all time called 1-2 Switch.

Nintendo Switch – Oh Nintendo

Oh Nintendo
Which deserves to be in the TOP 10?

TOP 10 games of 2016 – The Magnificent Ten

The Magnificent Ten
Let me bring up another example that our behind-in-time bureaucrats with tons of paper in their offices should be knowing.

Medivh – Invalid name, try again?

OPINION - It isn't a regular sight…
Andrew House wants the new model of PS4 to be a stopping gap, and with the addition of HDR, and 4K(ish) to next generation console games it should be a treat for gamers.

PlayStation 4 Pro – 4K Madness

OPINION - Sony has finally unveiled finally…
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PlayStation 4 Pro – Time to be professional?

Time to be professional?
No Man's Sky - Hello Games - A few subjective nitpicks about No Man's Sky follow.

No Man’s Sky – A Quick Descent to Refunds

OPINION - No Man's Sky was an…