I think that it’s a key sentence for every VR technology and gamer maker companies.

PSVR & VR Technology Today: Been There, Done That

OPINION – Last weekend we had the…
new Switch model - Nintendo opened the game reveals with one of the craziest “non” games of all time called 1-2 Switch.

Nintendo Switch – Oh Nintendo

Oh Nintendo
Which deserves to be in the TOP 10?

TOP 10 games of 2016 – The Magnificent Ten

The Magnificent Ten
Let me bring up another example that our behind-in-time bureaucrats with tons of paper in their offices should be knowing.

Medivh – Invalid name, try again?

OPINION - It isn't a regular sight…
Andrew House wants the new model of PS4 to be a stopping gap, and with the addition of HDR, and 4K(ish) to next generation console games it should be a treat for gamers.

PlayStation 4 Pro – 4K Madness

OPINION - Sony has finally unveiled finally…

PlayStation 4 Pro – Time to be professional?

Time to be professional?
No Man's Sky - Hello Games - A few subjective nitpicks about No Man's Sky follow.

No Man’s Sky – A Quick Descent to Refunds

OPINION - No Man's Sky was an…
ivel a Gamestop az Egyesült Államokban egy fontos bolthálózat, így a Sony fontos partnerként kezeli őket.

VR-ready: are we ready?

are we ready?
After the Vita, there is a need for new LIFE in handhelds. No, I don't mean Android and iOS platforms. Remember how many handhelds were made in the nineties? We need that to happen again, although it's unlikely to see that era return.

Gaming on the go – The past, present, and future of handheld consoles

The past, present, and future of handheld…
Sony is going to install several Bravia X90C 4K Ultra HD sets into the lemurs and langurs' enclosures in the Port Lympne reservate in Kent, UK. The TV sets are going to show the natural habitats of the primates (Java and Madagascar), which will allow them to know their new homes early, helping their return to the wilderness in the process.

World War Console III – The 4kening

The 4kening

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