TOP 10 2017 – The Best PS4 Games of the Year

The Best PS4 Games of the Year
Loot Boxes - The reason why the players and the Internet are so mad about lootboxes is that content, or in the case of Shadow of War, cheats are sold for real money.

Lootboxes – Another Harmful Trend In The Gaming Industry?

OPINION - We regularly see lootboxes nowadays…
new Switch model - Nintendo opened the game reveals with one of the craziest “non” games of all time called 1-2 Switch.

Nintendo Switch – The Wild Card

The Wild Card
1600 products from 250 exhibitors.

E3 2017 – EA Play Conference – Cringe Everything

Cringe Everything
Microsoft was highly proud of its Xbox Game Pass system, where you can subscribe monthly to download games and play them locally, at the X019 event.

Xbox Game Pass – PS Now Challenger Appears!

PS Now Challenger Appears!
Even so, it looked as though Hitman was more popular than it had been in years, which is why it was such a surprise for Square to get rid of IO Interactive just as things were taking off.

Hitman – What Does the Fate of IO Mean for the Future of the Franchise?

What Does the Fate of IO Mean…
They saw Forza in action, and it ran at sixty frames per second on 4K resolution. Microsoft promises to run all 900p and 1080p games better than a normal Xbox One as well.

Xbox Scorpio – A New Challenger Appears

A New Challenger Appears

Switch-launch: Errors A Plenty? [VIDEO]

Errors A Plenty?

New Year, New Resolution – 2017: The Year of 4K Gaming?

2017: The Year of 4K Gaming?
I think that it’s a key sentence for every VR technology and gamer maker companies.

PSVR & VR Technology Today: Been There, Done That

OPINION – Last weekend we had the…

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