PlayStation 4 - Several signs point to the announcement happening during Paris Game Week, which will begin on October 28, and it also looks like Sony is going to have a bigger presence there. Think about the rumours of Quantic Dream announcing their PS4-exclusive title during this event!

PlayStation 4.5 – The showstopper for 2016

OPINION - Well with the rumors starting…

The Big Lindsay Lohan vs. GTA V Legal Story!

OPINION – We investigated as to what…
While they do have a point that they had cross-platform almost one and a half decade ago with FFXI, they don't seem to be too cooperative about Microsoft's idea.

Let’s Play Together Online – Xbox Live Opens Itself Up

Xbox Live Opens Itself Up
The other positive thing is the obvious backward compatibility.

Xbox & PC – „Let our powers combine”

OPINION - Microsoft finally realized something.
OPINION - With one day away from the release of Ubisoft Massive’s latest venture into the videogame industry called Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The Division vs. Destiny: The Great Debate

OPINION - I felt that it was…
PlayStation Plus - OPINION - In a few days, January will come to an end. It means that Sony will have to announce the February free games for the PlayStation Plus subscribers.

PlayStation Plus: Where’s the end of the slope?

OPINION – In a few days, January…
Well now comes the sad part of the entire experience, the content itself for the rest of the world is…

Netflix … EVERYWHERE (And on the PS4)

OPINION – On the 6th of January…
What should Sony do next year to make the PS4 worthy of picking it up? First off, the 4.00 firmware

2015 in review – The calm before the storm?

OPINION – As were only mere days…
Which deserves to be in the TOP 10?

2015: it’s the final countdown! – Which are the TOP 10 games of 2015?

OPINION – EVERY DAY we will update…
coronavirus - Hideo Kojima - Cloud gaming allows direct delivery of games on any screen, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, without the need for consoles. Cloud gaming experienced a boom around 4, 5 years ago, but there was no phenomenon carrying it

Kojima-Konami affair – Is this how it should have been treated?

OPINION – We have seen several news…

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