Which deserves to be in the TOP 10?

2015: it’s the final countdown! – Which are the TOP 10 games of 2015?

OPINION – EVERY DAY we will update…
The film’s director hinted that the Metal Gear Solid movie will feature a character who could even be game director Hideo Kojima.

Kojima-Konami affair – Is this how it should have been treated?

OPINION – We have seen several news…
This year’s PlayStation Experience was a mixed bag, with games being announced left and right, but all of those games lacked any impact (Well most of them).

PlayStation Experience 2015 – The second annual.. meh

OPINION – Welcome to the second annual…

PlayIT – Is this Hungary’s Gamescom?

OPINION – PlayIT is an event held…
Let's start with Nintendo's consoles. NES games were not supported by the SNES console. The N64 didn't support nor the SNES

Backward compatibility – What’s the big deal about this?

OPINION – When Xbox One started to…
The best of them are still from the Your Shape software series: Your Shape Fitness Evolved (YSFE) and YSFE 2012.

Cyber sports – Even better than the real thing?

OPINION – Let’s confess it: while going…
ps4pro heroes 2

More of the same: When a game franchise gets a new installment every year

OPINION – You don’t have to think…
What are you going to play this week-end?

What are you going to play this week-end?

The question is self-explanatory, just take a…
Sony - PS Vita - No life... literally!

PS Vita – No life… literally!

OPINION – When I heard about SCE…

OPINION – Konami? More like KonAAAmi!

OPINION – In the previous few days,…

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