Halo: The Master Chief Collection's PC -Nobody should surprise this news considering that other titles of the company, such as Gears of War 4 or Sea of Thieves, already discarded some time ago forced PC users to pay the subscription for Xbox Live Gold. What is necessary is the user account on Xbox Live.

Halo: Master Chief Collection dispenses with Xbox Live Gold on PC

Like other compatible Microsoft video games, you…
Devil May Cry 5, which launched on March 8, will expand, but we doubt that it would be the final planned DLC, as data mining revealed online co-op, as well as Vergil as a playable character. (No more details as it would be spoiling the story.)

Hideaki Itsuno Might Have Not Left Because Of DmC: Devil May Cry After All?

It’s a Mexican soap opera with game…
One of the subjects was Ivy, the plant enemy - everyone agreed how it was impossible in the original version to make it look and move realistically.

A Resident Evil 2 Remake Roundtable Talk With Hideki Kamiya! [VIDEO]

Hideki Kamiya, who currently is one of…
devil may cry 5 1

Devil May Cry 5 Director Could Have Left Capcom! [VIDEO]

Dante’s English voice actor says that Hideaki…
thegeek Dead or Alive 6 Core Fighters 1

Dead Or Alive 6’s Free-To-Play Version Is Already Available! [VIDEO]

Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei didn’t need…
Electronic Arts - Will there be cross-play?

Apex Legends Is Already Getting A Scholarship!

Respawn‘s battle royale game didn’t even need…
Epic Games Store - With Metro Exodus, the main issue is that three weeks before its launch day, Deep Silver decided to announce that „sorry guys, the game will be exclusive to Epic Games Store for a year!”

s Epic Games Doing Steam Data Mining On Us? The Company Responds!

Epic seems to get more and more…
thegeek steam negative review bombing 1

Valve Steps Up Against Negative Review Bombs

Valve‘s blog post explained how Steam plans…
Devil May Cry - However sadly while everything has a next-gen feeling to it, the only thing that is quite bland is the environmental design. While there is no backtracking like in DMC4, the environments pretty much are Ruined city or Weird Tree insides that are grey.

Devil May Cry 5 – The Goth, The Punk, And The Rocker

The Goth, The Punk, And The Rocker
ps4pro Evolve Left 4 Dead 2 1

Back 4 Blood: Left 4 Dead And Evolve Dev Team Strikes Back!

Turtle Rock Studios and Warner announced their…