Is a New Mafia in Development at Take-Two alongside an Unannounced Remake?

2K, a subsidiary of Take-Two, is up to something interesting, because it might be something we don’t really expect.


Take-Two doesn’t do remakes very often, but there was an example of something like this with Mafia: Definitive Edition. There could be more to come as 2K’s 3D artist and motion capture animator Brett Shupe’s LinkedIn profile has revealed what’s going on behind the scenes. Since February 2022 (the last two and a half years), he’s had a lot of projects under his belt. Among them were the new Mafia, BioShock 4 (which may still be a long way from release… we wrote about it recently), a canceled Supermassive Games game (codenamed Erebus), and an “upcoming unannounced remake”.

So Mafia is still in Take-Two’s plans, but nowhere near as important as Grand Theft Auto VI, which will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in the fall of 2025 and will surely be a big money maker for the publisher. But what kind of remake? One of the suspect games could be one of the pleasant surprises of 2012: Spec Ops: The Line, which was created because TPS disappeared from online stores earlier this year. The game didn’t get much acclaim upon release, but has become a cult classic that could be talked about for hours, so deep is the psychology of the story through the setting.

Another possibility could be BioShock, which makes sense since BioShock 4 is also in the works. The franchise hasn’t had a new game in over a decade, since BioShock Infinite came out in 2013. While there have been re-releases of the first two installments since then, they have been more like remasters, so a project of a larger scale would be in the cards if a remake of this IP is indeed in the works.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate as to what the remake might be. Hopefully it will be something very exciting.

Source: MP1st, LinkedIn

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