It looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (we'll shorten it to SIEE from now on) is facing some layoffs, thanks to the usual explanations.

The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia Retires

Another person leaves Sony – this time…
Troy Baker - Borderlands 3

Troy Baker’s No-Show In Borderlands 3 Explained

We learned the reason why Troy Baker…
Thanks for everything, Shawn!”, the official PlayStation Twitter account tweeted. Sony, PlayStation 5.

One Of The Leaders Of PlayStation Departs!

After Andrew House, another key person leaves…
Assassin's Creed saga - Assassin's Creed - We learned a few new numbers regarding Ubisoft's IP sales and player figures, favourable tot he Assassin's Creed series.

Assassin’s Creed Continues To Be The Flagship Ubisoft IP

We learned a few new numbers regarding…
Gamescom 2020 - Germany would take 50% of the burden off the shoulders of smaller and larger players in the video game industry.

The Surge 2 – The Best 3D Souls-like of Them All?

The Best Souls-like of Them All?
Resident Evil - Capcom has already published a teaser video for the next Resident Evil. Project Resistance is the game that we discussed a few times before - Capcom was testing this title with a few players in Japan and the United States.

A Complete Resident Evil: Project Resistance Match [VIDEO]

Capcom’s Resident Evil spin-off: Project Resistance isn’t…
Red Dead Redemption 2 - Many portals have echoed a baseless rumour 4chan in which it was claimed that on April 22 would be presented Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Getting The Grand Theft Auto V Treatment

Rockstar has confirmed that they will use…
The Last Of Us Part II sales

How Bigger The Last Of Us Part II Will Be Than The First Game?

We already knew that Naughty Dog‘s game,…
The first PlayStation also had a codename (which wasn't used officially at the end of the day, EXCEPT for another hardware...), but, thankfully, Sony had a second thought about the names.

The PS2 Wasn’t Initially Called PlayStation 2

The first PlayStation also had a codename…
A relatively relaxed minimums leave room for eye-popping ray tracing specs in the new Dying Light

Dying Light 2 Will Be Lengthy; It Will Be Expanded Post-Launch

Techland will continue the tradition that they…